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Wedding Sparklers Add Glamour & Glitz to Your Special Day

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our wedding is the most memorable day of your life. It is the formal commitment of bonding your life to another and, possibly, creating the miracles of children, if you both so desire. Because it is so memorable, the wedding theme, the wedding colors, the wedding favors, the reception food, the wedding flowers and entertainment have to be all perfect. Another way to add pizzazz and sparkle to your special day is the addition of  wedding sparklers (8", 10", 14", 20" or 36"), wedding poppers or, if your wedding reception is at night, LED or glow party novelty items.

Another fun item to add to your wedding reception entertainment is our customized with your name & wedding date LED Foam Sticks. As you can see from the videos below, they really add that something extra to the joie de vivre of your wedding.

Not sure how many to order? We have a guideline for you that will help make ordering easy. If you need help, please send us an email or give us a call and we'll gladly help you get the right item ordered for your wedding day. Remember to allow enough time for processing and shipping (recommended 2 - 3 weeks before your wedding reception). That way, if there's a problem, you'll have time to get reimbursements for any damaged product or exchange for another product.

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