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5 Things You Should Do When Planning a Wedding Sparkler Send-Off


Your wedding needs to be amazing from the moment you walk down the aisle till the time you and your spouse walk out of the venue to start your new life. Every couple dreams of their special day and most focus on a grand entrance. But it is also important to not forget the exit. A wedding sparkler send-off can help you make that last impression in style. However, like your other wedding details, sparklers demand as much planning and attention to detail. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind with wedding sparklers:

1.Check whether the venue allows them.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not finding out if their venue allows it. Some venues have strict policies against this due to insurance policies. So, make sure that your venue has no such rule. You should also ask them if they have any restrictions on the length of the sparklers.

2.Put up an announcement.

The last thing you would want for your grand wedding sparkler send off is to have only 10-15 people taking part in the festivity. So, to ensure that maximum number of people are able to take part in it, put up a sign that announces the sparkler send off. Mention the time as well so that the people stick around to join in on the fun.

3.Provide a safe disposal location.

After your send-off, your guests have to put their sparklers somewhere. Keeping them just anywhere can be a fire hazard. To address this issue, you can set up a few buckets filled halfway with sand that will contain the heat without causing any damage. Moreover, the sand will also prevent the buckets from tipping over.

4.Arrange for an easy way to light them.

Some people like to hand around personalized match boxes for their guests. Even though they make for great wedding favors, they are not exactly an effective way to light the sparklers. You must make sure that your guests are able to easily light the sparklers in a short frame of time. The best option is to use butane lighters or torch lighters.

5.Do not overbuy.

This is another common mistake. Buying too many sparklers is a problem most couples face. Even though your wedding will be attended by 200 people, it is not necessary to buy one sparkler for each person. Some guests might leave before your send-off or some might not participate because they would be taking photos or some might even be afraid. It is best to remain prepared for about 75 to 80 percent of your guests.

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