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Replacing Damaged or Defective Goods

Replacing Damaged or Defective Goods

If your product is damaged in shipment or won't light or is defective in any way, you must provide us with the following for us to replace or issue store credit. Sparklers in-CyberSpace DOES NOT issue refunds - only replacement of product or store credit. All damages must be reported within 30 days of receipt of product. Reports of claims of damages after 30 days are null and void.

Damaged Items

All damaged replacements will be submitted to FedEx, UPS or USPS for a claim so we need to following in order to replace your product:

  • Photo of the shipping box
  • Photo of the inside box
  • Photo of the damaged items
  • How many damaged items
  • copy of the order or order number or name used to order
  • confirmation of shipping address

Without the above, we cannot process your claim for damaged items.

Defective Products

In order to replace defective items a claim must be made within 30 days of purchase plus we need a video of the item and how it's behaving, the defective item returned to us along with any unused items in the package or box BEFORE we can issue a replacement.

As pyrotechnic items are hand made in China, there may be a few in each case that won't work properly. If it becomes more than that, we need to know and we need to know exactly how many along with how they are working to cause the issues. That's why we need a video. We need this info to send to the manufacturers. We can't supply them with vague comments. We need to know EXACTLY what's going on and send them the unused items for them to test.

Pyrotechnic products can be affected by storage conditions and any claims made after 30 days requesting replacement or refunds will not be honored as too much time has passed and to many factors beyond our control can affect the items while in your possession.

Please send all returns with the appropriate documentation to the return address on the shipping label.

If you have any questions, please call 561-814-4969 Leave a message or text us for faster service.

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