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How to Light Sparklers

How to Light Sparklers

How to Light Sparklers, Handle Lit Sparklers & Dispose of Spent Sparklers

Wire sparklers can be hard to light especially if it's windy or you're trying to light them with matches. Don't get frustrated! Following the below guidelines should make your job easier. Remember: Children must be closely supervised to prevent burned fingers or other body parts or clothing.

Lighting you wire sparkler

  1. Choose a location away from the wind.

  2. Only light one sparkler at a time. When a sparkler is first lit, it may surprise you and burst into a life in a halo of sparks. Lighting more than one at a time can be very unsafe.

  3. Don't use paper or stick matches. Sparklers take a while to ignite and matches will generally do not burn long enough to raise the temperature high enough to get that sparkler lit. Also, the person holding the match is going to have their hand very, very close to the sparkler.

  4. The best sources of flame to light sparklers are butane lighters (I suggest those candle BIC lighters - the long ones), barbecue lighters and propane torches.

  5. The easiest method is to light one sparkler and then use that sparkler to light additional sparklers. Have one person the "designated lighter" and line everyone else up in a row with sparkler in hand. This makes the process very quick and simple. Sparklers lit with another sparkler light almost instantly and keeps everyone's hands a safe distance from the initial burst of spark.

  6. Hold the sparkler horizontally or with the tip slightly lowered when lighting.

  7. Always light the sparkler at the tip furthest away from the bare wire handle.

Handling your lit sparkler

  1. Keep sparklers at arm's length away from face, body, clothing of yourself and people nearby.

  2. Quality sparklers should burn in a continuous, smooth progression down the length of the coated portion of the wire and should not have to be re-lighted.

  3. You can safely wave the sparkler in front of the person holding it, making sure there is enough room to avoid contact with other people or objects.

  4. Never hold sparklers close to your face or eyes. Young children should be supervised so they do not throw the sparklers or run with a sparkler or run into a sparkler being held by someone else.

  5. Sparklers are hot when burning, therefore, never bring a burning sparkler in close contact with any other material as it may leave scorch marks or possibly ignite the material. Be especially careful of highly flammable material such as gasoline, hair spray, nail polish or alcohol.

  6. It's always a good idea to have one or two fire extinguishers available and within reach. We highly recommend Fire Gone.

Disposing of spent sparklers

  1. Sparklers remain hot for some time after they've stopped burning. Never grab or touch the burned portion after the spark has stopped. Have one or several buckets filled with water or sand or a metal tray available to place the sparklers in or on. This will safely dispose of the sparklers and make cleanup a breeze.

  2. Once cool, simply dispose of the sparklers into the trash.
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