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Bug ZapperAre flying insects always bringing you an embarrassment whenever you have visitors around? Then you should get yourself a Bug zapper. The Bug Zapper is an essential home appliance that is used to trap and kill insects that are mostly attracted by light. It is also commonly used in food courts, restaurants and places where people often meet.

How Bug zapper works

A Bug Zapper produces a glowing light during the night. This light attracts and lures insects like moths, and wasps. The Bug Zapper is built in such a way that it has two high voltage wires that lie around. The two wires electrocute the insects and kill them when they land on it. Some models are built with a tray where the electrocuted insects fall on, but others have no tray.

Benefits of Bug Zapper

Most Bug zappers are designed like a cylinder or a rectangular cube. Some have an inbuilt grid to keep away children and pets from touching the high voltage wires inside the device. Bug zappers are quite efficient in reducing the number of flying insects in your house. Here are some benefits of Bug zappers;

. The most obvious benefit of a bug zapper appliance is its ability to eliminate dozens of flying insects in a short while. This ensures that the insect population in your home or place of work, especially food courts and restaurants is reduced. In a few days' time, there will be here you will find piles and piles of flying insects lying on your floor. After several nights of bug zapping, the other insects will eventually make a note and will avoid your home or place of work entirely.

1. Bug Zapper ensures one saves on chemical expenses and any complication brought by chemicals. Therefore there are no health risks that one is exposed to or worried about, nor is there necessarily any risk of physically facing a harmful insect by trying to kill it. Hence, your fear of insects is ultimately dealt with.

2. A bug zapper is also efficient in saving time. Hence, it ensures you do not spend any time in any interpersonal involvement with the bug zapper. The appliance only requires strategic positioning then it's set to carry out its function.

3. Portable and rechargeable, the appliance is portable meaning that it can be carried around when travelling, hence reducing the risk of insects bite when you move away from home. It is also rechargeable. This means if you are intending to travel to a remote area where electricity is problems you can charge it then make use of it later since it has a 3.5 hour running time.

4. Easy to clean and install. It is designed a way that it can be easily cleaned since the grid is metallic, and it does not get dirty easily and when dirty a moist rug is all it requires to clean. It's also easy to install it as a Sturdy ring for hugging.

Have fun with your bug zapper today!

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