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Amazing Chinese Paper Sky Lanterns

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Chinese Paper Sky Lanaterns

Chinese paper sky lanterns

If you've never bought  Chinese paper sky lanterns before, now is definitely the time to do so. They provide hours of fun especially for children who love to watch them soar up into the sky. Paper sky lanterns make everyone smile and are an interesting way to celebrate a special occasion. Buy Chinese paper sky lanterns to entertain guests at a party or commemorate a loved one who has recently died with an "In Memory" lantern.

Businesses can benefit enormously by selling these lanterns in their bars, restaurants or nightclubs so everyone has the opportunity of seeing whose lantern goes the furthest. They also make amazing sights at weddings, engagement parties or even at Christmas. Find out more about these lanterns via our website where you can see photographs and descriptions of the many different kinds of lanterns for sale. Choose from:-

  • American flag lanterns
  • Brightly colored lanterns
  • Lotus flower or water lily lanterns
  • Red heart lanterns
  • White Chinese lanterns

Our pumpkin lantern is perfect for Halloween parties and will definitely draw the crowds' attention. All lanterns are 100% biodegradable, flame resistant, come fully assembled and are guaranteed to fly. There are clear instructions on how to set them off into the sky too. All you have to do is unfold the lantern, light the fuel source and when the heat builds up, let go and it will rise naturally. The pumpkin lanterns are sold in cases of 36, so plenty to go around.

On our website there is also a frequently asked questions section. This is particularly useful to find out if:-

- Sky lanterns are legal

- Do you need launch permission?

- What is the best launch site?

- What are the most suitable weather conditions to set sky lanterns off?

- How can you personalize sky lanterns?

- How high do they fly and for how long?

All of these questions and more are answered concisely so you know all about launching sky lanterns.

Why not make your kid's party even more enjoyable by ordering sufficient sky lanterns for each child to set off with adult supervision of course? Make it more fun by seeing whose lantern disappears from sight the quickest.

New Year's Eve is also a great time to buy Chinese sky lanterns. After seeing in the New Year, celebrate it with sky lanterns to light up the sky. It's highly recommended to read the safety instructions before launching your lantern so everyone is safe. The wind for instance has to be considered, a light wind is best. Always make sure you launch Chinese sky lanterns in a large space away from power lines, buildings and trees and definitely far away from airports. As long as these lanterns are launched in a sensible way, they are a joy to watch.

Have fun, do something a little different and enjoy the magical beauty Chinese sky lanterns bring. Make a wish so your dreams will come true with a Chinese sky lanterns.

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