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How to Use Fruit Fly BarPro and FAQs

How to Use Fruit Fly BarPro and FAQs

Here’s How Fruit Fly BarPro Works:

Once freed from its specially fabricated foil package, the exposure to air activates the key ingredients in Fruit Fly Bar Pro.  Like an air freshener, the time released vapor fills the air and every crack and crevice of an approximate 200 cubic foot space.  Any listed insect in this space is immediately affected, infected and will die within 24 hours.  Fruit Fly Bar Pro is not a ‘fly trap’ nor is it a form of ‘sticky paper’, but a silent, odorless, colorless killer that attacks and treats the problem area at its source.  Other products such as traps, fluorescent lights, fly paper and home-made traps simply attract the targeted insect from the area they are reproducing, but fail to eliminate the problem altogether.  Our fly strips target those hard to reach ‘reproducing areas’ or ‘nests’ with a deep penetrating vapor that kills, prevents and protects for up to 4 months!

When dealing with those non-flying pests such as spiders, silverfish and bed bugs, Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips work in the same manner.  Treat the infestation by simply placing our fly strips in and around the problem area allowing our no mess time released vapor to seek out and kill all listed insects and protect for up to 4 months continuously!

No more costly exterminators or expensive ‘name-brand’ sprays to bother with.  Let Fruit Fly Fly Strips be your 24/7 in-house exterminator working and protecting for pennies a day!


Fruit Fly BarPro FAQs:

Can I use Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips in my Bar/Restaurant?

YES! Our fly strips can be placed in areas approved in our label directions which include lavatories, mop closets and floor drains.

Can I place Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips behind my service bar and/or in my dining area?

YES! Our fly strips may be used in these areas for continuous protection and treatment when the employee is not present for more than 4 consecutive hours. Overnight and/or periodic use is recommended.

What do I do with the strips when I'm not using them but I've already removed them from their package?

EASY! Simply place the Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip back into it's foil packet, fold over the opened end at least twice and seal with tape until next use. We do not recommend storing Fruit Fly Bar Pro in zip lock bags. The efficacy of our fly strips is better protected in our foil-lined packet.

Are Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips safe?

YES! Like any other pesticide product on the market, when used in accordance with label directions, Fruit Fly
Bar Pro Fly Strips do not pose a risk to humans and other mammals due the extremely low dosage of DDVP present.

What is DDVP?

DDVP is the active ingredient in Fruit Fly Bar Pro. DDVP is 2,2 –Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate.

Was DDVP ever banned?

NO! DDVP was never banned as a registered product. In fact, uses continue in agriculture to protect stored products and commodities such as stored grains and foodstuffs.

How does the DDVP in Fruit Fly Bar Pro work?

Once removed from it's foil package, the impregnated resin (Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip) slowly releases DDVP vapors which is a cholinesterase inhibitor that acts on the pest's nervous system. Pests that are exposed to vapors from Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips are destroyed.

Is there an odor from the vapor?

NO! Fruit Fly Bar Pro vapors are virtually undetectable by humans and pests.

Are Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips effective against bed bugs?

Recent laboratory testing indicates that DDVP is highly effective against all bed bug strains, even non-susceptible strains. Registration of Fruit Fly Bar Pro for control of bed bugs is currently being pursued!.


Each Fly Strip treats a 200 cubic feet area (5'x5'x8').Each case contains 10 strips and treats 2,000 cubic feet.Please make sure you order the adequate amountto treat the infested space!!

Place strips approximately 5 feet apart.We recommend closer placement for heavily infested areas.

How to treat infested areas?

For flies:

Locate their food source or breeding areas (liquor bottles, beer taps, soda lines, dry food storage, floor drains, etc). Use no less than 5 strips for each area, placing each strip approximately 2ft apart, filling the entire area. Heavily infested areas may need more strips. Allow 24 hours for treatment. If infestation remains, add more product. If infestation is clear, you can spread your strips up to 5ft apart to continue protecting that area for 4 months.

For Closet Moths:

Hang at least 2 strips in each closet. For larger than normal closets (double sided or walk-in), more product may be necessary. If you continue to notice mothsafter treatment, simply add more strips.

For Crawling Insects:

Place at least 5 strips in infested areas, no more than 2ft apart from each other. For large room treatment, place strips 5ft apart, covering the entire area you wish to treat and protect.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro protects against:

Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ear wigs, Flies, Gnats,Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Spiders

It provides protection for:

Bakeries, Bars, Cafeterias, Catering Facilities, Clothing Stores, Delis, Fast Food Establishments, Groceries,Hotels, Pizzerias, Wineries, Homes etc...

Areas of use:

Basements, Boiler Rooms, Dumpster Areas,Floor Drains, Garbage Rooms, Locker Rooms,Lavatories, Machine Rooms, Mop Closets,Offices, Product Storage, Vestibules.

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