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Turn your Family Reunion into an Event

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In our helter-skelter world, family often takes a back seat to work and school commitments. But it is in this rushed society that we need to connect with family, to remember where we came from and who on this Earth shares some of our journey. As the warm air of spring returns, now is the perfect time to bring family together.

Planning a family reunion may seem daunting, but with social media it is much easier than it used to be. Simply create an event page on Facebook and invite all of your family members who use the service to get in touch with those who don't. Within a few days your aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews twice removed will know about it.

Choose a venue for your reunion that can accommodate your guest list. Outside reunions are always enjoyable, but are also dependent on the weather. An indoor "backup" might be a good idea, but remember that spring is the season of the school prom in most areas, so be willing to schedule in advance or be flexible. Keep in mind that the less formal the location, the better for families with small kids.

Family reunions are only once or twice a year at the most. Why not turn it into an event? You can make your family reunion something to remember with special effects, lighting and party supplies, at very little out-of-pocket cost.

Family reunion lighting: Sometimes providing the right lighting can make all the difference between "interesting" and "awesome." For outdoor events, string lighting tastefully hung can add a celebratory ambiance and a reason to keep the party going after dark. For the inside reunion,color sky lanterns provide a peaceful glow to the room and add character to your party. For more elaborate effects, the DJ Bank light strip will shoot sharp beams of light across the room and can be programmed to follow the beat of whatever music is playing.

Family reunion effects: Special effects can make any party more interesting, and the family reunion is one get together that could use a little bit of action. After all, you don't want Aunt Millie's antics on the dance floor to be the most memorable part of your night. The Bubble King machine is one addition to your party that is sure to produce fond memories. This monster produces thousands of bubbles in a few minutes to give the kid in all of us a chance to be young again. And for those who really want to get lost in the crowd, the Hurricane 1301 Smoke machine will fill the night with a thick water-based fog that can be used in conjunction with the lighting effects or alone to add a little mystery to the evening.

Going the extra mile with effects and lighting will make your family reunion more memorable for the kids and more enjoyable for adults who may feel uncertain about seeing family that they haven't seen in a long time. The party atmosphere encourages us to come out of our shell and talk, and talking is often all we need to do to reconnect.

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